Connecting Home Dots, in Smart Ways


Works with Aidot
Inspiration of Aidot: one multifunctional app to establish an entire smart home system that consists of energy-saving, personal health, security, family-care, and third space. Whatever smart home solutions you are into, it can be found through Aidot. With its automatic technology, smart scenes can be created by simple operations.
Sustainable and Visible Energy-saving
Many energy-saving behaviors are completed to ensure your enjoying of lower energy consumption life. To change your life habit with energy-efficient products of advanced technology
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Personal Health
To provide you with an exclusive health belief model with long-term implementation of tracking and monitoring your private health conditions. Your health is what we put in the first place.
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Security and Surveillance
As crucial components of social process, security and surveillance are of great significance for your home’s protection. To bring you a peaceful life without worries.
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Family-centered Care
Based on our family-centered theory, we insist on a belief that family care is the issue always in our mind and technologies can offer you the best solution of taking care of your children, elder, and pets
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Customized Third Space
The third space is a place where new things come into existence; a place where you can define your unique likings. Each tiny piece of your habits is what we are pursuing.
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Works with AiDot
We have been working with some Fortune 500 clients