Security March 18,2022
Arming Your Home Security System

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The security of lives and properties is essential, it is in a secured environment that growth can occur. That's why security is the number one priority of any government because it's only in a secured environment that other forms of policies can work. This also applies to the homes. As a citizen, you have to place the security of lives above all. When your home is secured, that's when the peace of mindset in and other aspects of one's life can grow too. The home security system is essential, measures must be put in place to make sure it is secured from any unforeseen circumstances.


 Part 1 What Products Do You Need in A Reliable Home Security System?


To be able to secure your homes properly, prepared for any threat, there are home security products that are needed for effective security which will be stated here.

 Security Camera: There are different range of security system cameras, which can be used to build surveillance suiting the security needs of your home. The headways in video and wireless technology made full-color and high video images the standard among security system providers. There are cameras built for indoor or outdoor views and there are some built for night vision and outdoor views also with remote monitoring you can control on your tablet, laptop, or smartphone.

 Video Doorbell: It can also be referred to as a smart doorbell. It is a Web-connected, intercom system that sends notifications directly to your mobile devices, showing videos of anyone waiting on your doorstep. It makes communication easy with visitors via an installed speaker, without opening your door. This is ideal if you are far from home and want to organize a parcel delivery. The video doorbell allows you to see who is there first to allow making decisions.

 Baby Monitor: Baby monitors allows parents to have video views of their children at home. It monitors their activities while you are not there and can send signals to anyone caring for them or you. There are three different types of baby monitors: Analog, Digital, and WiFi-based. The analog is the oldest form, while digital transmit through only one medium: one receiver and one transmitter. The WiFi network does not transmit directly to a receiver, instead, it transfers to a local router, making it possible to see your baby anywhere in the house.

 Motion Sensor: A motion sensor or detector is an electronic device that uses a sensor to detect people or objects within a range. It's an important component of any security system. This is how it works: when a sensor detects motion, it will send an alert to your security system and even to your mobile phones. It is commonly used to detect a potential intruder, alert when someone in is a restricted area too, and can also send a direct signal to your monitoring team. There are two major types of motion sensors: Active Ultrasonic and Passive Infrared. They are the two most common sensor technologies, known for reliability and accuracy. Active Ultrasonic sensors emit ultrasonic sound waves at a frequency above the range of human hearing. These waves bounce off objects in the immediate vicinity and return to the motion sensor. NOTE: if the distance to the object is too far, it won't trigger, but if the signal received is within the parameter, the motion sensor will trigger, alerting someone is within the range.

 Water Leak Detector: A water leak detector is an electronic device that is designed to detect the presence of water, to provide an alert in time to allow the prevention of water leakage. The device will sound an audible alarm, thereby sending signals in the presence of water to bridge the contacts.


Part 2 Are Home Security Systems Worth It?

Investing in security is never a waste. Security measures when put in place will scare invaders from attempting to carry out any plans, but you might not know that it is working because no one has come to bridge it. However, with burglars on the rise in various Countries, porch in on slight opportunity to steal, having an alarm system can give you that sense of security and also peace of mind. The below aspects are what home security system can do for you. 


It Prevents Crime

As stated in my opening statement, this is one of the obvious benefits of home security. Criminals are always looking out for security cameras because they know that's the only way they can break in and out without being noticed. When burglars sight security cameras, they will leave immediately to find an easy target. This leaves your home safe from any danger.


Protects Your Valuable Possessions

When you have home security, you will be assured that your valuables are safe. It can be disheartening to lose value to home invasions because it will cost money to replace them, but when home security is available, then one is relieved and secured.


Lower Homeowners Insurance.

When you have home security, your homeowner's insurance will decrease In price too. Insurance companies see having a security system as an effective deterrent against theft, so they will often charge you less to insure your property.


Lower Homeowner's Insurance

Having a home security system can cause your homeowner's insurance to decrease in price. Insurance companies see having a security system as an effective deterrent against theft. For this reason, they will often charge you less to insure your property.


 It Gives Peace of Mind.

 When you feel secure having no worries over any unforeseen circumstances, that is peace of mind. When you don't have to doubts when away on the State of your home, this reduces stress and worrying which in turn gives comforts.


Part 3 Selections of DIY Home Security System?  

AiDot provides an entire home security system with different products like security camera, video doorbell, baby monitor, motion sensor, water leak detector, and all of them can be installed by yourself easily.

1.  AiDot Home Security System

-Winess Security Camera

This Camera is easily set up with zero blind spots and auto panning. Easily set up with zero blind spots and auto panning. It had a 2K QHD resolution, 400lm spotlight for night vision. This camera gets notifications under specific time zone.

-Winess Video Doorbell.

Security Doorbell Camera with 2-Way Audio, Motion Detector, IR, Wide Angle, Cloud, and Local Storage. It gives complete control as you receive notifications on your phone and tablet, gets real-time video and audio with a live view button, controls everything with one simple app. It has group sharing, allows multiple users to watch the video doorbell camera's real-time monitoring at the same time. It has clear night vision. that switches on when it's dark.

-Winess Baby Monitor

This Camera has an elegant appearance and advanced Al algorithm to provide cost management. This camera can record beautiful moments in our lives and can be connected anywhere.

-Linkind Motion Sensor.

Linkind Zigbee PIR Motion Sensor wireless motion detector for DIY use with Linkind Home Security System. Monitor the movements in a width of 110°, a range of 16 feet, it will send alerts to Linkind APP or can make your lights turn on automatically when you enter the room. The Linkind Motion Sensor also works with built-in Zigbee smart home bub derives that's compatible with Alexa Echo. This product is not compatible with other brand hubs.

-Linkind Water Detector

Linkind Smart Zigbee Water Leak Detector Wireless 90dB Alarm App. It comes pre-installed with batteries. It just needs to be placed near the water source. As long as the water flows through the Sensor, it will trigger an alarm sound up to 90dB, which is loud to hear at any point you are in the house or on your mobile phone to remind of water leakage.


2. Ring Home Security System

The Ring home security system is also part of DIY home security that works on any house. It comes with sensors that trigger when someone comes around and you can be notified at any point you are via your smartphones. It also comes in different forms with features like an intuitive keypad, small contact sensors, and a base station to keep your system online. It has what is known as a Range Extender to ensure your alarm device has a signal. The Ring Alarm also gives complete control. You can know when someone triggers the motion sensors, opens or closes a window. The beauty of this device is that from one single dashboard, you can monitor all activities going on.


3. ADT Home Security System

This Is the best outdoor security camera. The products are quality and give maximum satisfaction. ADT Home Security System Is the best outdoor security camera. The products are quality and give maximum satisfaction. The ADT Home Security Systems has more than 140 years of experience providing Home Security; this is why it is the leader in this industry. ADT can help you customize a home security system that's user-friendly to meet your safety needs. Also, they can be engaged if you want a house: where you don't need to stress yourself to get things done. Just a click, things work. ADT Home Security System Is there for you to give your home that confidence and assurance.