Third Space March 23,2022
Establishing Your Own Third Space

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The third space is a concept that has been used to designated communal space. It can be defined as a sports arena, museum, or nightclub where you can experience a transformative sense of identity. In other words: we can say it's a place that's distinct from your home which is the first space and your work which is the second space. Simply put, it's a place where you relax, meet familiar faces, and get new acquaintances.

Looking at the third space in the context of an online medium, it can be seen as another form of transformative social space, which Is a way of describing social dynamics and culture of network space. When you collapse or unite the first and second space, you will get the third space inhabited by remote Participants who are geographically dispersed but still engaged in the social dynamics of network interaction.

Part 1. Why You Need The Third Space

Having the third space should be encouraged and practiced by all. It is needed for rejuvenation. The third space when properly used allows and creates room for growth. A place where you can be out of your routines, getting workloads and pressures off. Stated here are a few reasons why you need the third space

Rest: Working round the clock, following the same routine from the first and second space can lead to a breakdown. It's like a machine that works all days and nights, will decline in productivity and efficiency. This applied to life too. You need the third space as a getaway place where you can rest to be more productive.

• A Learning Environment: Third Space is an avenue for learning new things. Using students as study: how they gained knowledge from home which is the first space is different from how they learn and interact in the second space. The bridge between these two is the third space. The third space allows a student to demonstrate their abilities and knowledge, relating to realities or real-life examples.

Social Interaction: Some people are just too wired to routines that they forget how important living a positive social life is. It is about engaging others, interacting with them to know how they are doing, which in turn allows people to also turn up for you in any way. Social interaction is good, it helps a community to grow in unity of purpose and gives that sense of security that in one way or the other, there is someone out there looking out for you.



Part 2. Inspiration for Your Third Space

Now that you are away from what third space is all about, you will still need to know how to create an effective third space environment that gives the result you wanted. Some triggers give that satisfaction, making you relaxed and comfortable, driving you away from routines, and giving you that balanced lifestyle. State here are things that can inspire you for your third space.

1: Game Room: A game room is a section of your home created especially for playing games. Setting up a game room depends on your choice and interest. It is that section of the house that helps create another atmosphere for relaxation. To set up a gaming house, electricity, Internet facilities, interiors and furniture, choice TV and perfect lightning setup like the strip lights to be used must be put into consideration. There are still other things to consider when setting up your game room: The black-out blinds and a good sound system. Having the game room has advantages: it creates family time, saves cost by not having to go pay money in gaming facilities businesses, creates entertainment, and also builds family values.

2: Home Theatre: Home theatre is also called home cinema. They are home entertainment audio-visual systems that create a movie theatre experience and mood using electronic video players and audio equipment set up in your home. Having this cinema in your home will not be complete if it doesn't suit your style, it means you have to pick what you want to create that atmosphere of comforts for you and your family. To set up a theatre home, you will need a receiver, TV, or Video Projector with a Screen, Antenna, Cables, sometimes a Media streamer, and the most important decoration: strip lights. The home theatre builds family bonds, it allows social interaction and creates Happy moments in the family. The choice of lights to create the right atmosphere which is also important here, the stoplight is perfect to give that taste when setting up your home theatre.


3: Makeup room: A makeup room can also be called a beauty room or makeup studio. It is a place set up in your home where you can do your makeup and skincare routines. It gives you more focus on your body to give it the right attention It needs.

The makeup rooms are spots for other self-care activities like meditation, yoga. It is a place for you to do anything that makes you feel good. Setting up your makeup room depends on how much space you have and taste, then you will put into considerations supplies that you will need. One important factor is also the lightning. With the perfect lighting system, you will get to feel your presence whenever you are there. Using strip lights is recommended for you to get that feeling described here. Your makeup studio must build your confidence before you stepped out for any activity: because it is where you approach first before others can set their eyes on you, so it must be built in a way to brighten you up, create that unique style from within you before you set out.

4: Queens Closet: Queen's closet is a portion kept aside in your home to display your robes. It is that portion where you get to pick your choice of color for the day. It is not the regular wardrobes made up of woods and hangers, it comes in styles, great designs, lightning to give it beauty. The queen's closet settings also depend on your choice and taste. The space you have is also a factor to determine how large it will be. The advantage of having the queen's closet is that it allows the display of cloth for you to choose from when needed.

5: Camping Room: A camping Room is a space created for outdoor activity. It's one key third space that takes you from the first and second space for a purpose. The camp room serves as homes for participants that leave urban areas or home regions to enjoy nature while spending one or several nights outside. Camping rooms come in different formats and sizes, depending on the nature of the activity involved. Sometimes, tents, caravans, motorhomes, cabins, are used as a structure to house people.

Camping as a recreational activity became popular in the 20th century. Camper’s frequent national parks or other public places to privately owned ground. It's a place to learn, teach self-reliance, and teamwork. The camp house is can also be fitted to your taste, depending on the purpose it was created for. Camp house also requires good lightning to give comfort and color. When the atmosphere is right, the purpose of camping will be easily achieved.

Part 3. In The End

There are different ways the third space can be created. You have to create a game plan, how you want to go about it, and setups. Sometimes, activities can be drawn in your calendar to remind you. You can also go to a specific location that will prompt you to ask yourself questions, which you will stick with and on the long to find your anchor. The third space is a place that gives you room to relax and be rejuvenated. You must create a third space, to have a balanced life.