Energy Saving March 10,2022
Energy Saving: Start from Your Daily Life

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The process of energy saving involves taking steps to ensure that consumption is reduced. It involves developing habits that reduce the usage of energy appliances. It's more like practicing a lifestyle that reduces cost, while still getting efficient usage. It's a habit that starts from mindset, aided by cost management, built-in time to help save wastage in energy consumption. The content below will represent more knowledge about energy-saving and erergy-saving products. 


Part 1:Why Energy Saving is So Important?


There are different forms of energy, we have electrical energy, mechanical energy, solar energy, and more. Energy plays a significant role in development. One of the important functions is to make life easy. However, these various forms of energy, if not controlled can serve as an agent of pollution and sometimes destruction of lives. Saving energy controls water and air pollution and also conserves natural resources. It even reduces global warming which creates healthy living for people.


One important element in our daily activities is electrical energy, it's more like the driving force behind other forms of energy in different homes. As it comes with comforts, the supply comes with a cost too. The cost of electricity is high, It needs to be saved to reduce it. One important reason why energy needs to be saved is to prevent wearing-out appliances. When in use constantly, it need rest to prevent breakdown. It's more like a human, rest is needed for rejuvenation, so when energy is conserved as appliances are turned off, it helps the appliance, preventing it from wear and tear.


Part 2:Energy Saving Tips


There are different ways to save energy, these methods stated here will save cost and also create awareness on how current is lost, to be able to control them effectively.

1. Turn off Unnecessary lights

When light is being used, apart from emission which brings about the heat. it also comes with a high cost in supply. When left alone and not turned off, it will keep running in cost and sometimes the bills can get on your nerves. It is just important you save cost by making sure lights are turned off and only used when it's important.

2. Unplug Unused Electronic

Sometimes, people don't realize that when their appliances or electronics are off without being unplugged, there is still a flow of current within. They felt the moment the sound is off, power is off. It doesn't work that way. There is still a flow of current when not unplugged and it is just wise to make sure you unplug your Electronic after use, to stop the flow of current.

3. Use Natural Light

We can refer to natural light as daylight. The source is mainly from sunlight. It's done by using means like Windows, Skylights to bring a light so that your home is illuminated and thereby reducing the use of artificial light. It saves cost too and no risk attached to it, unlike the artificial light.

4. Finding Alternative Sources That's More Efficient

Looking for other means and more efficient alternatives is another way to save energy. It comes with studying and knowing the consumption rates of various equipment in our homes and thereby replacing them.

5. Use Energy-Efficient Light Bulbs

There are alternative bulbs that are different from the older bulbs that are efficient and lesser in energy consumption. These bulbs are built to save energy while still giving out the same output. It is just wise to seek knowledge on the kind of bulbs that's efficient, before purchasing them and after that replace all less efficient bulbs with it.

6. Replace Filters

When filters are dirty, it makes equipment work longer hours and consume more energy. Filters should be cleaned regularly to make equipment consume lesser power.

7. Make Use of Timer

Timers can be engaged or photocell to ensure a dusk-to-dawn operation for outdoor light. This will help manage wastage when there is an inability for proper supervision.

8. Set Your Equipment Always To Manufacturer's Recommendation

Manufacturers do put into consideration the required atmosphere and temperature for efficient delivery and energy conservation. When the settings are altered, it can cause malfunctioning and more energy consumption.


Part 3:How AiDot Saves Energy: Solar Energy 


In all the energy-saving techniques mentioned here, there are still perfect solutions to saving energy. Solar energy is reliable and efficient. It cost less and does not cause any hazard to the environment. Solar Energy is the kind of energy gotten from sunlight, conserved to generate electricity. Looking at how other forms of electrical energy are generated, only Solar Energy has no hazard, and the source is free. When one is to consider costs in this age and also get maximum satisfaction, it's just okay to go for Solar Energy. When looking for solar products, Aidot, which is the leading producer of solar energy appliances has some solar products that are best for saving energy. The products of Linkind which belongs to the energy-saving part of AiDot eco-system  will be listed here as it comes with guarantees and maximum satisfaction.


        Solar Garden Light

It comes in 4 packs: Linked Solar Garden Lights Outdoors, Solar Powered Pathway, Garden Stake Lights, ABS Materials IP67 Waterproof for Pathway. They have energy-saving high bright lights, it can produce up to 150lm of brightness. It can light up a yard with a 6.56ft range. The IP67 is made up of strong ABS material that is Shockproof, free from rust, and can withstand all kinds of terrible weather. The lighting mode has rechargeable 18650 lithium batteries and up to 22% photoelectric conversion rate. It can run a maximum of 13hrs at Low light mode and a max of 6hrs at High light mode.


Except for  saving energy, it also come with Decorative glow effects and two shadow lenses to make beautiful shadow casting. These solar garden lights are easy to install with adjustable heights for moderation. It also comes in different ranges. You can choose from these to lighten up your space, given the desired beauty that befits royalty.

Solar Pendant Light

This 3-In-1 Solar Powered Pendant Light with specially designed ground stake, with wall bracket and velcro.  It has unique designs with a 5M long cable. It can absorb sunlight and has 37 intensively arranged LED beads that shine brighter than anything it is aimed at. It also has three lighting modes with daylight white. IP67 is waterproof and well structured with ABS material to ensure longer durability. This product is unique for outdoor use, due to its unique design, excellent material, supreme performance. It is perfect for patio, porch, garden, yards.


Solar Spot Light 

Linkind 12 LED landscape Solar Light with 350LM light has a high capacity lithium battery with a photoelectric conversion rate. It is auto at night and auto off at sunrise. The head of the spotlight is adjustable, making it easy to get as much exposure in the sun while directing the light to where it is needed. Also, the IP67 Waterproof design protects the solar light from bad weather.


Energy Light Saving Bulb

Linkind B22 WiFi Smart bulb RGB 2700k- 6500K Dimmable, 70W Equivalent 800LM, Multicolor and compatible with Alexa and Google home. There is no hub required. It can turn on and off, change color temperature by voice command. This RGBW led Smart lights to bring about 16 million colors for the best mood and daily illumination. The Linkind bulb can last up to 2,5000 hours, reducing re-lamping frequency.