News June 15,2022
Upgrade of Linkind APP

Linkind app has been put into use for several years and it is the users who made it progress rapidly with lots of version updating. No matter the lighting solution or security camera smart control, they are being improved step by step. The version will change, but the aim- to provide users with a better service of app will not change. 


Under this circumstance, a revolution has been made for all the IPC users in Linkind app. All the IPC relative functions in Linkind app will be transferred to AiDot app. A new app: AiDot app which can offer better smart home connecting services including IPC is an upgrade version of Linkind. Tons of the connectable smart devices can be found and connected within AiDot app and you can even find more parts like community and shop store. 


The rules and gift of this upgrade: 

1. All the Linkind app accounts can be used to log in to AiDot app directly.

2. After logging in to AiDot app, all the IPC users from Linkind will receive a free three-month cloud service. 

3. After this upgrade, the account is invalid for Linkind.