News September 24,2021
Works with AiDot: Embrace The Smart Future



As a burgeoning brand in IoT industry, AiDot has been researching on this area for a long time, in order to establish a complete and user-centered eco-system of smart life. Those mainstream IoT industries like lighting, security system, personal health are all parts of AiDot eco-system. A sing app-AiDot can be used to fulfill different kinds of demands of your daily smart life. Works with AiDot is becoming a popular tendency with below cooperation. 

1. Works with AiDot: Brand and product 

Currently, Aidot has alliances with many brands of smart products or normal products like Linkind, Winees, Orein, Hyderson, Syvio, GoGonova. Different types of smart products are included and can be easily used as one part of the one-stop IoT solution.  


2. Works with AiDot: Smart speaker 

AiDot is not along as a smart device connection app due to the link with other smart speakers: Amazon Alexa, IFTTT, Smartthings, Apple Homekit, Android widget, IOS shortcuts, and IOS Siri. No more worries about products from different smart speakers


3. Works with AiDot: Authoritative Certification

For ensuring the quality of AiDot, authoritative certifications are necessary proof of this trustworthy brand. AiDot has past ISO, GDPR, and CCPA which can ensure its reliability, standardization, and data security. Works with AiDot, works with a reliable partner.  


4. Works with AiDot: Matter Protocol

AiDot has joined Matter Protocol which means the scale of AiDot is stepping into a higher level with more compatible products involved. 


5.Works with AiDot: User

The last and most important thing is the user. What AiDot is doing is for creating a huge smart eco-system that is aimed to provide users with a much better smart life.