Family Care March 22,2022
Have You Done Enough for Family Care

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Family care is really a significant issue but not all people paid enough attention to. At this time, so many adults are so busy with their works and business, it is natural that they might lost a lot of time to take care of family members. Under this kind of conditions, some treasures are necessary to be done to do a better family care. In this article, you will know how important family care is and how to use some smart items to do a better family care easily. 


Part 1 Why We Need to Pay More Attention to Family Care?

Family is the most important thing and most valuable mental power in human' s whole life. We can benefit a lot from a lovely family. 

1. Individual’s Mental Power

While you are in some works, you have reasons why you are doing this、targeted achievements, and available methods. The ideal situation is that you can complete it easily and quickly, but what If you meet some difficulties during this process? At this moment, the mental power is the first thing you need to get through barriers. What is the best mental power for individual? It is family!

2. A Happy Life and Longer Lifetime

With family members, it is more like an integrated life. For children, family is the most important influence, they get all supports from family. Only under a good family atmosphere can children grow up healthily and happily. For adults, a complete family is the best motivation for them to seek for a better career. Whatever barriers are there, family can help them to conquer and keep going. For old person, taking cared by their young generation is the best method to make them laugh and live happily.

3. Stable Economic Unit

In workplace, teamwork is strongly recommended due to its better working efficiency and output than individual’s work, this theory works in family as well. From aspect of economy, family is a better and stable economic unit than individual because two or more than two persons can create more incomes. No matter economic situation or mental support, family is necessary for human being.


Part 2 What AiDot is Doing to Help You with Family Care

1. House Cleaning: Smart Robot vacuum

Cleaning the floor and carpet of your house is always a big work. Whoever in your home is responsible for this, it costs a lot of time to complete. Under this circumstance, Syvio smart robot vacuum is the ideal solution for helping you with this kind of family care.

App&Voice&Remote Control

This smart robot vacuum can be easily controlled by app which means it can free your hands. It is also compatible with other voice platforms like Alexa and Google Assistant, allowing for controlling this robot vacuum by voice. Remote control is another considerate function for elder family.


2500Pa Strong Power and noiseless

It is supported by 2500Pa strong power, but the entire working process is quiet. Besides, three power level can adapt to hard floor, wood floor, and tiles.

Long Working Time and Auto Charge Function

This robot vacuum is equipped with recharged batteries that can work up to 150mins or approximately 2152 sqft. What’s more, when the cleaning cycle is done or battery is close to running out, the robot vacuum can return to the charging station automatedly. One full charging time is between 4 and 5 hours. 

Anti-collision and Anti-dropping

Armed by 6D built-in anti-collision infrared sensors and anti-dropping sensor, this robot vacuum can sense the surrounding conditions in 360 degrees, detect barrier and change the cleaning routine; prevent itself from falling off the stairs.

2. Baby Care: Baby Monitor

A baby in family is the treasure of all the family members and it needs the most family care and protection. The baby monitor can help all the parents to monitor the baby while parents are busy with other things.

Real-time Alarm of Motion/Sound/Face

For instance, while your baby is crying, the baby monitor can sense it and APP is going to push an alarm message to you to keep you informed that your baby or pet has situations or even someone is breaking in.

Two-way Real Talk

With built-in anti-noise 36dB microphone and speaker, you can keep in touch with your babies, family members or pets anywhere anytime. At the same time, it can be compatible with Alexa.

3. Sleep Quality: Sleep Sound Machine and Sleep Monitor

Having a high-quality sleep is quite important for people to start a new day. But in fact, many people are facing sleeping trouble because of pressure or anxiety that could lead to a series of problems like illness and bad performance in working position. Therefore, it is time to take some treasures to have a cozy sleep time. That is why AiDot is going to bring you sleep sound machine and sleep monitor.  


Rich Sounds for A Better Sleep Environment

Different types of sound could be helpful for people to enjoy a peaceful night. What is your type of sleeping sound? You can figure out the answer through the sleep sound machine. Once you find the best music for yourself, you can sleep well with the company of this soft music.


Monitor Your Sleep Quality

After a good sleep, you will much better on the next day. But this is not the end, Aidot is going to monitor your sleep quality every single day. Behind you sleep, there are lots of data including heart rate, sleep cycle, snoring, and breathing disturbances which can be analyzed to monitor your sleep quality and health condition. The entire analyzing process will be done by advanced algorithms of AiDot, for providing users with a better sleep quality and health monitoring.

4. Home Security: Smart Security Camera

How to protect your family when you are away? A security camera is your best helper to prevent them from potential dangers, it is like a 24hour- guard to protect your house. Under its help, you will know any situations happening while you are away through AiDot app.

1080HD Resolution and Real-time Alert

The 1080HD resolution can ensure a clear image on your app, let you know what is happening; real-time alert can remind you of any potential unsafe situations after you set the information push function.


Motion Detection and Two-way Audio

This smart security has a powerful motion detecting function, it is created by algorithm of AiDot. When the security camera detects your baby or pet, his actions will be recorded and automatically transmitted to you phone as a 15s video. After that, the two-way audio function can let you to have a conversation with them anytime you want. How convenient it is.


Part 3 Conclusion

All these smart products are designed for you to do a better family care. Family is the most important thing for all of us, that is AiDot’s mind as well. With this strong willingness, more smart products and smart functions are on the way for your family care. AiDot is not only a smart controlling equipment, but also wishing to be a member of your family.