Personal Health March 22,2022
The First Thing of Your Life: Personal Health

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Personal health is a state of mental, physical, and social well-being and not just the absence of diseases. Health can be promoted by engaging in healthful activities such as regular physical exercise, adequate sleep, avoiding smoking and excessive stress. Factors affecting health are personal or due to individual choices, on whether to engage in high-risk behavior. But some other health issues are beyond individual choices, example is genetic disorders. Personal health needs to be monitored and given high priority. It is the brain behind other activities you engage in. if your health is down, no other things will work. Keeping a personal health record with personal health information is advised to know the state at which your health function.


Part 1 What Is Personal Health And Why It Is Essential

Personal health is taking control of activities that promote your well-being. It is what you engage in as routines that keep the body fit and well. Personal health is necessary and advised; for it promotes sound growth and development. Here are reasons why you should take personal health seriously.

1. It reduces the risk of most diseases: when you engage in personal health regularly, your immune system is built to resist any kind of disease that may want to attack your body.

2. it helps to improve joint stability: All the joints of the body that aided flexibility, strength, stamina will be incorrect order when you engage personal health.

3. It helps in maintaining balance, flexibility, and coordination as you age. When getting older, and other colleagues are wearing and able to perform one task or the other, you will find yourself doing those things at ease.

4. It Reduces the symptoms of stress, depression and also improves your mood. Physical exercise allows proper flow of oxygen in your body, which regulates high blood pressure and also lifting from a depressing state.

5. It improves self-esteem and builds your self-confidence.

6. It improves sharpness and clarity of mind.

7. It increases your life span.

Part 2 Is Personal Health Insurance The Best Solution for You? 

 Personal health insurance is any health insurance coverage that is offered by a private organization rather than the State or Federal government. Insurers brokers fall into this category. Insurance policies are to get you covered during any unforeseen circumstances. To get your expenses covered when things happen without making you lose anything in the process or help you recover your loss in your low moment. Because of some inefficiency in service delivery in some government agencies, personal health insurance has been there to bridge the gap. Unlike the government establishment where there will be a bunk of files to attend to, with longer processes to execute, personal health insurance made it fast with charges. There are different plans and policies for you to pick the ones that suit you and your family.

As welcomed and accepted personal health insurance might be, it is still not the best solution because it only works when sick. Although it reduces the costs of health care for you, it is nothing compared to taking care of personal health, using all preventive mechanisms at your disposal to avoid getting ill that would warrant you going to Public health facilities.


Part 3 Smart Methods To Maintain Good Condition of Personal Health.

To have sound health, there are ways to maintain a good personal health system. In this age, the evolvement of technology has helped in aiding a healthy lifestyle. Inventions and discoveries are rolling out as gadgets, systems, or electronic devices are produced to monitor your health and give specific happenings in some vital part of your body. Some equipment or devices have been used by people that seek modest lifestyles to increase their health positively and when used, it gave desired results. Stated here are items that can give you that smartness to have good personal health.

1. Sports Bracelet Watch: Wristwatch can be said to be the first modern wearable, but now connecting a small strap for the wrist is making a difference. An athlete uses a sports bracelet often. It is lighter and smarter compared to wristwatches. When an athlete is committed to wearing a watch, it shows to the world that they are conversant with time and working towards breaking records. The same applies to you that want to engage in sports exercises for health benefits. Using a sports bracelet allows you to be conversant with a personal health record for routines and also set targets for daily activities. Sports bracelets come in different styles and brands to aid you in achieving your fitness goals which in turn gives you sound health.


2. Smart Body Fat Scale: These are electronic devices that can measure more than just weight. They can be used to get more information about your body composition, such as body fat percentage, bone mass, body composition. It can be used to get personal health information and also can be used to get the personal health record of anyone. The smart body scale also helps to check the body mass index (BMI). When you are reducing body weight or excess fat, the smart body fat scale is used to constantly check the effectiveness of your workout.


3. Sleep Sound Machine: This machine can help you create a more relaxing environment that promotes healthy and quality sleep. This device can produce ambient and natural sounds like crashing waves and chirping birds. One thing that may have hindered your sleep can be the inability to provide an ideal environment that is calm, cool, and quiet. The sleep sound machine can help create the ideal environment that will aid good sleep, then help derived all the benefits of having a good sleep.


4. Sleep Monitor: when someone is struggling to get more and better sleep these days, a sleep monitor is needed to help check the sleeping rate. Lack of sleep can lead to illness, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, and depression. Sleep monitor helps to analyze your hour of sleep, pinpoint what is causing your lack of sleep, and then recommended the solutions.

In The End 

Personal health should be a habit imbibed by all. Your health is paramount. Personal health care should be taken into consideration if you want a longer life span. This day, various forms of diseases have taken lives, the majority of these diseases are caused by man's activities or lifestyles. When you prioritize your health, you have an edge over diseases, and you will have stronger immunity that can push off any unforeseen diseases.